Preston Spacemaker Brolly / Schirm mit Fiberglas-Gestänge

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Preston Spacemaker Brolly / Schirm mit Fiberglas-Gestänge

With new short spoke configuration it gives the angler an impressive 20% more coverage ensuring that you and your tackle stay dry. 

When used with the positive Angle Tilt this also reduces the amount of unused space at the rear of the brolly.

Sporting dynamic new graphics the Space Maker also boasts all of the features of our existing umbrella range.

  • Lightweight fibreglass arms
  • Waterproof taped seams
  • Pegging points
  • Angle tilt
  • Pegs supplied
  • Storage sleeve
  • UV50+ Ultra Violet Protection

Durchmesser: 200cm

Bogenmaß: 240cm

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